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Dolby Atmos Coming To Blu-Ray and Home Theaters

The first time I experienced a film in a movie theater with surround sound I remember thinking to myself that the home theater experience would never be able to replicate that immersion. Of course, cut to a few years later at a party at my rich uncle’s house where he’s playing movies on his home […]

Bad Words (Blu-ray)

Highly Recommended In 10 Words or Less Jason Bateman succeeds in front of and behind the camera Reviewer's Bias* Loves: Dark comedies, Kathryn Hahn Likes: Jason Bateman, Allison Janney Dislikes: Spelling bee pressure Hates: Crappy parents The Movie A full-grown man enters an eighth-grade spelling bee, and proceeds to systematically decimate his kiddie competitors with […]

'A Young Doctor's Notebook' among DVD releases for June 29-July 5

A look at some DVDs scheduled to be released in the weeks ahead.
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Rentrak Announces Top DVD & Blu-ray Sales and Rentals for Week Ending June 22, 2014

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Rentrak Corporation (NASDAQ: RENT) today announced the Top-10 DVD & Blu-ray Disc sales and rentals according to the company's Retail Essentials and Home Video …
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The Baby (Blu-ray)

Rent It One of those "What were they thinking?" films from the early 1970s, The Baby (1973) is a real oddball horror-thriller similar but much inferior to Jack Hill's darkly comic cult film Spider Baby (filmed in 1964 but unreleased until 1968), so much so one wonders if Baby writer and co-producer Abe Polsky had […]

Hearts And Minds: Criterion Collection (Blu-ray)

Highly Recommended THE MOVIE: Please Note: The stills used here are taken from standard-issue DVD included in the Criterion combo, not the Blu-ray. Released in 1974, with the Vietnam War still quite visible in America's collective rearview mirror, Peter Davis' influential and provocative documentary Hearts and Minds takes an incisive, comprehensive look at the extended […]

Attack on Titan, Part 1 (Blu-ray)

Recommended Attack on Titan - Set 1 Blu-ray Review There's a certain little series known as Attackon Titan .You may have heard of it. It's the most discussed anime seriescurrently aroundwith a huge audience and a great deal of fervor around the entireglobe.Funimation has recently acquired this series: the biggest anime hit oftheyear. Astonishing viewers […]

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Blu-ray)

Recommended The Grand Budapest Hotel Blu-ray Review The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comedy-dramafromwriter/director Wes Anderson ( Rushmore , The Life AquaticWith SteveZissou ). It is Anderson's 8th feature film and is a British/Germanco-production. The story takes place within and around the hotel andoccurswithin a fictional place known as the Republic of Zubrowka (itself ametaphorical […]