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Amistad (Blu-ray)

Recommended The cover insists that Steven Spielberg's Amistad (1997) is "absolutely unforgettable", but it's rarely listed alongside the director's very best achievements. This adaptation of Howard Jones' Mutiny on The Amistad is, in turn, based on the events surrounding a mid-19th century Supreme Court case regarding "property ownership". The "property" in question is a group […]

Eureka Seven: Part Two (Blu-ray)

Rent It Eureka Seven Part 2 Blu-ray Review EurekaSeven (otherwise known as Psalms ofPlanets Eureka SeveN) is an anime series produced in 2005 whichgarneredgreat acclaim and popularity across it's fifty episode run. The serieshasoften drawn comparisons to Neon Genesis Evangelion despite somecleardifferences between the series. The show first began in conception whena ideato create a […]

Gamera: Ultimate Collection, Volume 2 (Blu-ray)

Recommended Gamera, Gamera You're so very strong Gamera, Gamera Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Is it Mars or is it Venus?   Come on, space monsters It cuts, it pokes, go go go! It has mighty jet propulsion Gamera's strong Gamera, Gamera Read the entire review
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Final Exam (Blu-ray)

Recommended The Movie: Originally issued by Code Red when they were distributed by BCI a few years ago and then reissued by Scorpion Releasing as part of their Katarina's Nightmare Theater line, Jimmy Huston's 1981 slasher Final Exam now debuts on Blu-ray as a collaborative release between Code Red and Shout! Factory's horror imprint, Scream […]

Whatever happened to Blu-ray?

The flamewar after 2008's "Blu-ray is dead" post re-ignited a couple of months ago. So, what DID happen to Blu-ray? The news is not all bad - and far from all good.
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‘The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug’ Blu-Ray/DVD Includes ’24-Hours’ Documentary

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Blu-ray/DVD package shows viewers what it is like to be immersed in the production of such a huge blockbuster, and in true Peter Jackson style, he takes us along for the ride. Anyone who follows the Kiwi director knows that aside from being a master of his craft, the
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Big Bad Wolves (Blu-ray)

Highly Recommended THE FILM: Click an image to view Blu-ray screenshot with 1080p resolution. The tagline for Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves is "Some Men Are Created Evil." That's an interesting proposition, and this seemingly simple phrase is quite potent when applied to the film. A razor-sharp revenge thriller that Quentin Tarantino labeled his favorite […]

Blu-ray Shopping Bag: Riot in Cell Block 11 - Criterion

I am always interested in the films that Criterion picks for their collection. These films usually have a cultural significance. So it was with little trepidation that I picked up Don Siegel&rsquo…
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