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The Bag Man (Blu-ray)

Skip It Jack (John Cusack) has one task to complete on his newest assignment: deliver a bag. There's only one rule: don't open it. Don't look in the bag for any reason. Jack doesn't quite understand the assignment, but Dragna (Robert De Niro) is offering a hefty enough paycheck that Jack figures he doesn't really […]

Fever Pitch (Blu-ray)

Recommended The Movie: For all of the commercials that shill fizzy golden water most Sundays in the fall for football, the overall message, it would appear that the only film that has effectively explored a grown man's fandom for a sports team has been Fever Pitch . Based on the work of a writer whose […]

The Freshman (Blu-ray)

Highly Recommended In 10 Words or Less Harold Lloyd tackles popularity at college Reviewer's Bias* Loves: Classic comedies Likes: Harold Lloyd, good slapstick Dislikes: Most silent films Hates: Big-time college sports, most modern slapstick The Movie The Criterion Collection has long been in the Charlie Chaplin business, but they've kept the other members of the […]

The Poirot Collection: Blu-ray box set

(Sidney Lumet, John Guillermin, Guy Hamilton, 1974-82; StudioCanal, PG) The production partnership of John Brabourne (the Eton-educated seventh Baron Brabourne) and Richard B Goodwin (who started out as a teenage tea boy with the Rank Organisation) is one of the most interesting in the British cinema. Its highlights include David Lean's A Passage to India […]

The Fifth Estate: out this week on Blu-ray

"It's a sad indictment of The Fifth Estate that it proves most convincing when its central figure breaks the fourth wall" The Fifth Estate EOne, Blu-ray & DVD Movies about technology are always at least five years out of date, so it's only fitting that it's taken that long for The Fifth Estate – Bill […]

47 Ronin (Blu-ray)

Skip It The Film: Several optimistic possibilities rush through one's mind while watching the trailer for 47 Ronin , Carl Rinsch's costly feature-length debut. Could it be visually interesting in the vein of Asia's native martial-arts fantasies? Or, will it offer enough swordsmanship and wizardry within it quasi-historical Japanese context to become something of a […]

'Best of Bogart' Blu-ray includes 4 of his greatest films

A new Blu-ray box set includes Humphrey Bogart's classics "The Maltese Falcon," "Casablanca," "The Treasure of the Sierra…
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My Say On Blu-Ray: ‘Frozen’ Collector’s Edition

The song goes “let it go…,” but it feels like my kids have been able to do anything but let our “Frozen” Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray go since they finally got their hands on it. They’ve […]
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