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Report: Microsoft Prepping $399 Xbox One Without Blu-ray

Microsoft is rumored to be preparing an Xbox One without a Blu-ray drive that could be sold for $399 at retail to better compete with Sony's PlayStation 4.
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Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition - Playstation 3 (Video Game)

Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition - Playstation 3 (Video Game)By Sony
Buy new: $79.9939 used and new from $25.00 Customer Rating: Customer tags: playstation 3(48), video games(27), resistance 2(18), resistance(18), blu-ray(11), ps3 […]

'Riddick' Blu-ray prompts look back at other long-delayed sequels

I am looking at Vin Diesel as badass antihero Richard B. Riddick on the cover of the Riddick Blu-ray.
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How to rip, edit, and customize Blu-ray videos like a pro

[ This sponsored article was written by IDG Creative Lab, a partner of Macworld, and not by Macworld's editorial staff. ] Blu-ray movies deliver an amazing viewing experience, with stunning image quality, advanced audio features, and awesome special features that let you control playback and access additional content while you’re watching your movie. Unfortunately, Macs […]

Why Facebook thinks Blu-ray discs are perfect for the data center

Cheap storage with a 50-year life span? Facebook spreads the gospel of Blu-ray.        
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Get a Blu-ray player with 3D, apps, and Wi-Fi for $49.99

This may well be the last Blu-ray player you ever need — or want. Originally posted at The Cheapskate
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Blu-ray Review: 'Freezer' with Dylan McDermott

Freezer finds Dylan McDermott locked in a freezer. And that’s about it. It’s a bland B-movie with some hilariously bad dialogue. read more
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Xbox One rumors abound: March update, white console, and more

Word has it that an update for Xbox One could be coming in weeks, the purported white version of the device is on the horizon, and there might be a version of the console without a Blu-ray drive. Originally posted at News - Microsoft
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