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Only God Forgives, out now on DVD & Blu-ray

Only God Forgives | Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa | Man Of Steel | The Lone Ranger | The Phantom Of The Opera Only God Forgives Reading this on mobile? Click here to view "Drive was going to feel like really, really good cocaine and Only God Forgives will then be very strong acid," says director […]

Oppo BDP-103D: The Last Blu-ray Player You'll Need?

The Oppo BDP-103D is $600. This may seem like a lot. After all, a Blu-ray player is a Blu-ray player, right? I mean, it either plays Blu-rays or it doesn’t. You can get a BD player for under $100 these days.
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10 Essential Blu-rays of 2013

The holiday shopping season already kicked off on Friday (or Thanksgiving afternoon), so now is as good a time as any to look at 10 key Blu-ray releases of 2013. read more
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The Attack (Blu-ray)

Highly Recommended To be perfectly honest, when I requested The Attack it was listed in our screener pool only as "Attack" and I thought it was the same-named 1955 Robert Aldrich war movie. Instead, it turned out to be a partly American-financed movie about an Arab man living in Tel Aviv coming to grips with […]

Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection - Playstation 3 (Video Game)

Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection - Playstation 3 (Video Game)By Sega Of America, Inc.
Buy new: $17.39169 used and new from $6.24 Customer Rating: Customer tags: playstation 3(85), video games(65), sega(38), sonic […]

Black Friday Blu-ray Player Deal outsells Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Black Friday 2013 DealsThe Amazon Black Friday Deals Week 2013 has launched just after midnight PST. Amazon has announced their Black Friday 2013 deals that compete with Walmart,…
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15 Things We Learned From the New ‘Breaking Bad’ Documentary

Christmas has come early for "Breaking Bad" fans: The "Complete Series" Blu-ray set is in stores today, and it's packed with commentaries and special features to go along with all 62 episodes of AMC's epic drug-trade drama. But the 99.9-percent … Continue reading →
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Perfect Blue, out this week on DVD & Blu-ray

Perfect Blue | Breaking Bad:The Complete Series 1-5 | The Act Of Killing | The World's End | Despicable Me 2 Perfect Blue Reading this on mobile? Click here to view It's almost misleading to describe Satoshi Kon as an animation director. Although that's the medium he worked in, his films have little in common […]